Packings for pumps

Packings for pumps SLADE® 3300/G

SLADE® 3300/G

Temperature max and min, °C +3000 ÷ -240, +1000 with steam ÷ -240
pH 0 ÷ 14

SLADE® 3300/G is a special packing with exclusive patented yarns for pumps and valves. The corners and every single graphite thread of SLADE® 3300/G are reinforced with high-resistance carb...

Packings for pumps SLADE® 3300/CJK


Temperature max and min, °C +260 ÷ -100
pH 2 ÷ 12

The SLADE® 3300/CJK is a special packing with patented exclusive construction yarns for pumps with abrasive fluids. The packing’s core is made of diagonally braided and reinforced with car...

Packings for pumps S 3600

S 3600

Temperature max and min, °C +230 ÷ -100
pH 3 ÷ 13

The S 3600 packing is made of white synthetic yarn. The twisted yarn is hot impregnated with concentrated pure PTFE and interlaced in continuous at medium density at four diagonals and with the ...

Packings for pumps C 4000

C 4000

Temperature max and min , °C +400 ÷ -60
pH 2 ÷ 12

C 4000 is carbon pre-oxidized synthetic fiber packing, impregnated yarn by yarn of pure graphite, special lubricants and corrosion inhibitor. Application: boiler pumps, chemical product...

Packings for pumps CG 4500/T

CG 4500/T

Temperature max and min, °C +450 ÷ -240
pH 1 ÷ 14

The CG 4500/T packing is made of pre-oxidised on first-stage carbon yarn with minimum 95% carbon content. The CG 4500/T is re-sealed with a PTFE solution with a special non-toxic lubricant...

Packings for pumps GR 4400

GR 4400

Temperature max and min, °C +600 (with steam) ÷ -240, +550 (oxidant environment) ÷ -240
pH 0 ÷ 14

GR 4400 is 98% pure graphite twisted and braided packing with diagonal four ways pattern and supporting edges. Impregnated yarn by yarn with pure graphite powder. Self-lubricating. Designed f...

Packings for pumps KD 3302

KD 3302

Temperature max and min, °C +280 ÷ -110
pH 2 ÷ 12

Packing KD 3302 is made of a twisted yarn in uneven aramid, combed and treated thread by thread under pressure with a PTFE dispersion at a minimum concentration of 40% activated by silicone free ine...

Packings for pumps KN 3550

KN 3550

Temperature max and min, °C +260 ÷ -100
pH 2 ÷ 13

The KN 3550 packing is made with a new latest generation synthetic yarn (Kinol®). First, the yarn is volumized in a vacuum and then hot-saturated with PTFE up to the core of the fiber. Then it ...

Packings for pumps NX 3637

NX 3637

Temperature max and min, °C +290 ÷ -50
pH 1 ÷ 13

The NX 3637 packing is a new exclusive braiding for the paper mills pumps. It is braided with a new strong medium density thermostable fiber (Nomex®). The NX 3637 is flexible, moldable and a...

Packings for pumps PT 2750/FDA

PT 2750/FDA

Temperature min and max, °C -200 ÷ +280
pH 0 ÷ 14

The PT 2750/FDA packing for pumps and valves is made with impregnated with FDA-approved (for use in food and pharmaceutical industries) lubricant, that reduces the coefficient of friction to the...

Packings for pumps PT 2750/K

PT 2750/K

Temperature max and min, °C +280 ÷ -100
pH 2 ÷ 12

The PT 2750/K packing is a combination in different percentages of placed in four corners pre-lubricated aramid Kevlar® yarn and impregnated with PTFE in dispersion yarn by yarn pure PTFE ya...

Packings for pumps PT 2750/L

PT 2750/L

Temperature max and min, °C +280 ÷ -200
pH 0 ÷ 14

The PT 2750/L packing is made of 100% pure PTFE yarn, impregnated yarn by yarn with PTFE and an inert heat sink. It is “softly” cross-braided for better adjustment to centrifugal pumps. The ...

Packings for pumps PTG 3827

PTG 3827

Temperature max and min, °C +280 ÷ -200
pH 0 ÷ 14

The PTG 3827 packing is an exclusive weave. It is made with 50% homogeneous mixture of loaded with 50% graphite porous expanded PTFE yarn and 50% impregnated yarn by yarn with food lubricant ...

Packings for pumps R 2900

R 2900

Temperature max and min, °C +120 ÷ -40
pH 5 ÷ 11

The R 2900 packing is made of impregnated at dispersion yarn by yarn with a pure PTFE and treated with a special inert lubricant vegetal fiber yarn (RAMIE). The R 2900 is braided on a loom desig...

Packings for pumps TG 3850

TG 3850

Temperature max and min, °C +280 ÷ -200
pH 0 ÷ 14

The TG 3850 is an exclusive braided packing, made with homogeneous mixture of porous expanded PTFE loaded with 50% graphite. The graphite particles are anchored in the expanded PTFE matrix an...

Packings for pumps TGK 3900/4

TGK 3900/4

Temperature max and min, °C +280 ÷ -100
pH 3 ÷ 12

The TGK 3900/4 packing is made by matching different percentage of prelubricated and arranged at the four corners Kevlar® aramid yarn with composed of the homogeneous mixture of porous expanded...

Packings for pumps VALVEGRAPH 6500


Temperature max and min, °C +650 with steam ÷ -240, +450 oxidant environment ÷ -240
pH 0 ÷ 14

Made with flexible expanded 100% pure graphite yarn VALVEGRAPH 6500 packing is braided with a long pitch and wide links. Due to its easy installation VALVEGRAPH 6500 reduces the number of sec...